How We Work


When it comes to self-publishing, it’s easy to find online services to help you. Nearly all of them fall into three categories:  

1. Low-cost online indie-author emporiums. These sites promise quick, affordable services including editing and design. They stay affordable by using service providers who lack experience or credibility and by offering an impersonal, automated process.  

2. Full-service publishing houses and ghostwriters. These extremely high-touch services provide excellent editorial and design services - at a cost of $50,000 and more.  

3. Boutique indie author shops. Newer author services such as offer a range of services that escort nonfiction authors from idea to marketing. This process, while efficient and personalized, requires a lot of overhead; pricing usually starts at $30,000. 
Ryan Editorial offers something better.  
We are a small collective of journalists, editors, publishing experts, designers, and copywriters from some of the most respected organizations in our industries. Contributors are hand-selected for each project so that clients receive personalized service without paying the overhead of a traditional editing or publishing house. 


Meg Ryan

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